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Multi-Flex Interchangeable Set

A first of its kind, the Multi-Flex™ is the ultimate fillet knife for any type of fisherman. Featuring four different full-tang blades (7” Tapered Flex, 8” Ultra Flex, 9” Serrated Flex, 9” Stiff), the Multi-Flex brings the best of Bubba all into one set. An easy-to-use squeeze and slide mechanism allow you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly while the Flex-Change™ locking system keeps the blade safe and secure. Our signature Bubba non-slip grip handle provides a consistent and classic feel to our new style of knife. The Multi-Flex™ comes in a premium EVA carrying case with a puncture-resistant inner lining, removable tray for easy cleaning, and a magnetic insert for blade security. The fillet knife will forever be changed.

Bubba Knives

9″ Flex.

The 9-inch Flex Fillet Knife is the ideal candidate for filleting your Tuna. This knife does it all. Its semi-flexible blade is more lenient than the 9-inch Stiff Fillet Knife. The knife comes fully loaded with its classic non-slip-grip handle and non-stick Teflon coated blade. Its full-tang construction includes a razor-sharp edge that meets your standards. Offer this knife to your buddies, and you’ll be the king of the boat.

Scout™ 4″ Blunt Dive Knife

The Scout 4” Blunt Knife is the optimal knife for scuba diving, snorkeling, and everyday diving. This knife is built to be an all-purpose tool, ideal for a variety of operations. The blunt tip provides the protection against accidental gear and hose cuts. The Scout 4” Blunt Knife features a full-tang, Titanium-Nitride coated, high-carbon stainless steel blade for unmatched durability and strength. The blade not only has a precisely ground, razor sharp edge, but also a serrated edge for ultimate cutting versatility. The handle is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit any hand and, as always, is engineered with our iconic, non-slip grip to provide maximum control, no matter the conditions. Finally, the Scout 4” Blunt Knife includes a deluxe locking sheath with adjustable rubber straps to provide a body hold system that is built for easy and safe one-handed use. Scout Pointed Knife also available.

8″ Ultra Flex

This 8-inch Ultra Flex Fillet Knife is just what you asked for. Its extreme flexibility makes it stand out among its competitors. The sleek, sporty blade cuts precisely for detailing and plucking out bones. The 8-inch blade will triumph your Walleye or Mahi without complaint. Your inner adventurer won’t want to leave this fearless tool behind. Bubba also offers this knife in a 6-inch blade option.

8.5” Fishing Pliers

Bubba continues to make top of the line fishing gear by fishermen and for fishermen. Our new fishing pliers coming this year will be on the top of your wish-list. Check out our all-new 8.5-inch fishing pliers. Its long nose is designed to combat your toughest catch. These pliers are fit for any fish. These durable carbide line and side cutters are begging for a good challenge. The split shot and leader sleeve crimping cutouts are sure to win you over. Bubba’s fishing pliers have the same grit as all our other products. They’re made with our non-slip-grip handle giving you a trusted and reliable tool you can count on.

Seaker 10L Sling Pack

The Bubba Seaker Series Sling Pack is a multi-purpose, compact, and lightweight pack designed to carry essential small items; as well as protect your valuables from getting wet. The Seaker Series Hip Pack provides 10L of storage space (up to 3 Plano 3600 Tackle Storage) with multiple storage pockets including a fully waterproof pocket, EVA molded front pocket with a hook keeper, and a main compartment featuring mesh and Velcro pouches. It also features several areas for attaching gear including an adjustable bungee loop, hands-free rod holder strap, d-loop, coated carabiner loops, a net slot, and a bottle holder, just to name a few. Finally, the Seaker Series Sling Pack allows you to wear it your way with an adjustable shoulder strap, sternum strap and an easy-to-rotate design for chest pack use. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, the Seaker Series Sling Pack is ready for adventure.

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