• Battenkill I for line weights 1-3, 2.8 oz., 2¾” diameter
  • Battenkill II for line weights 3-5, 2.9 oz., 3″ diameter
  • Battenkill III for line weights 5-7, 3.2 oz., 3¼” diameter
  • Battenkill IV for line weights 7-9, 8.5 oz., 3¾” diameter
  • Battenkill V for line weights 9-11, 9.5 oz., 4″ diameter


The Orvis Battenkill click-and-pawl reels are a ‘minimalist’s dream’. These reels are made to provide the angler with a pure connection to the fish; not huge drag system or flashy design. These reels are traditional, classic, and ultralight. Made for the enthusiastic trout angler, the Battenkill keeps small-reel functionality without adding unnecessary design features that increase weight. While the reel is old-fashioned, it’s also contemporarily durable and is finished and built using top-notch fly reel technology. Orvis has always been progressive yet traditional and the Battenkill is a prime example of that history.

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DesignClassic Battenkill Aesthetics

 – The Battenkill reels have retro aesthetics with a classic click-and-pawl design. These reels are built with a minimalist design for the angler who prefers an old-fashioned reel that’s lightweight and functional. The lightweight design helps balance smaller trout reels.



Ported Jewel Finish

 – The Battenkill’s ported jewel finish harkens back to the Battenkill reels of old. This finish gives the reel a retro aesthetic while keeping it structurally strong and soundly durable.



Bar Stock Aluminum

 – The Battenkill’s rugged design is machined from bar stock aluminum, some of the strongest lightweight aluminum that exists. The Battenkill is built to be strong and durable and this aluminum is a large contributing factor to its bombproof design.



Click-and-Pawl Drag

 – The drag system on this fly reel adds to the old-fashioned aesthetic. A four-position click-and-pawl drag allows anglers to palm the reel and fight trout without an overbearing drag that’s built into many reels today. These drag systems make a clicking noise on the outgoing and incoming for a nice sounding traditional reel.


Arbor Size


 – A mid-arbor design allows the Battenkill to maintain it’s trout reel feel while allowing increased backing capacity for larger target species. This arbor design makes the Battenkill incredibly versatile and highly efficient.



Orvis Lifetime Warranty

 – The Orvis Lifetime Warranty covers all reels against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty does not cover accidental breakage, breakage from abuse, or excessive wear and tear. As of September 2019, Orvis charges a $30 processing fee for all fly reels sent to be repaired/warrantied.


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Best for:

 Freshwater, Trout


Arbor Size: Mid-Arbor


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