The Ross Evolution R combines impeccable engineering with clean aesthetics to produce one of the best trout reels on the market. This reel is lightweight and really strong for stellar freshwater performance. The drag knob offers unique palming capabilities and an incredibly strong drag allows anglers to target any freshwater fish. This reel also has solid retrieval rates and an easy-to-release spool to make it user-friendly and a real fish fighting machine. Ross has been at the top of their freshwater fly reel game for a while now and the Evolution R is sure to prolong their seat atop the throne.

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DesignAn Engineering Culmination

 – Ross has designed the Evolution R to be a culmination of machining and engineering. The reel’s redesigned arbor, powerhouse drag system, and incredibly lightweight frame made this reel a force to be reckoned with in freshwater. Add the sleep drag knob and canvas phenolic handle and it’s easy to see why the Evo R is one of our favorite freshwater fly reels.



Type II Anodizing

 – Type II anodizing allows Ross to create the perfect balance between rigidity and aesthetically appealing reel color. Type II anodizing is incredibly durable and the Evolution R stands up well when dropped or dinged on the water. A Type II finish also holds up well to weathering and wear.



6061 T6 Aluminum

 – The Evolution R is built with 6061 T6 Aluminum which has a few benefits. 6061 T6 is both abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you happen to drop or ding your reel, 6061 T6 resists corrosion even when abraded. This type of aluminum is commonly used in aircraft and boat/automotive construction.




 – The Evolution R features a carbon/stainless steel, fully sealed, disc drag system that’s perfect for stopping any freshwater fish in its tracks. These reels are made for freshwater applications and the sealed carbon/stainless disc drag means this reel is a great option for Pike, Bass, and even larger freshwater species.

Materials – Carbon/stainless steel drag plates make this drag maintenance-free and highly durable. These discs add to the strength of the reel’s drag system making it one of the most capable in the freshwater market.


Arbor Size

Ultra-Large Arbor

 – The bell-shaped ultra-large arbor of the Evolution R increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest freshwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. The bell-shaped arbor design also helps with line management and the angler doesn’t have to worry about where his/her line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Ross Limited Lifetime Warranty

 – As of October 2019, Ross has a limited lifetime warranty that applies to the original owner of the fly reel. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product only and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. That being said, Ross will also repair your reel for you for a cost.


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Best for:

 Freshwater, Trout


Arbor Size: Ultra-Large


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