The DXF may be the most versatile mid-priced rod series on the market today. Douglas has made the DXF in nearly every rod model from single-hand trout rods to nymph-specific models, two-handed models, and more. These rods combine fast action performance with efficient blank taper technology to create a rod that is powerful and efficient in nearly every angling scenario. Douglas has accomplished what many rod manufacturers have set out to achieve: a well-rounded series that includes a rod for any angler.

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The best fly rod under $500? The 2016 Sage Pulse fly rod just might be it. Sage has finally introduced a sub-$500 fly rod that competes with the best of them. The Pulse is built with an action that’s softer than the ONE, but still fast enough for the all-around trout. Hold on and be prepared to be impressed.






Graphite IIIe technology – The new Sage Pulse fly rod is based on Sage’s time-tested Graphite IIIe technology. Graphite/glass scrim layered construction reduces weight and increases cross-sectional durability and performance which makes for fly rods that are noted for their light weight, dependability, and smooth feel.

The Pulse also features a “Lichen” (similar to olive green) shaft color with olive thread wraps with Black trim wraps.






Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides – For proven performance and durability, Sage Pulse fly rods use the proven Fuji ceramic guides, which not only reduce drag but last a lifetime.

Hard chromed snake guides – The long-time standard for fly rod guides, the chrome snake guides both look and perform exceptionally well.






Reel Seat



Rosewood insert and Gloss Black anodized aluminum reel seat – The Pulse’s freshwater models feature a rosewood insert atop their anodized aluminum single-uplocking reel seat.

Gloss Black anodized reel seat – Full wells models of the Sage Pulse combine their standard Super plus cork with a fully saltwater safe anodized aluminum reel seat. Naturally, it’s a dual uplocking model to make sure you’re reeling in fish, not fishing for your reel.






Rod Tube



Black ballistic nylon rod tube with divided liner – Sage wants to make sure your investment is protected, and a great rod tube does just that. It’s also accented with a Sage logo, in case you forget which rod it is.









The Sage Lifetime Warranty – As of January 2021, Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage reel is covered by a lifetime, original owner warranty. One of the finest warranties in the business, it covers defects in materials or workmanship as well as rods that fail due to misuse, negligence, or normal wear-and-tear. Repair fees are based on the age of the rod and Sage charges a $30 processing fee for rods that are part of the current lineup. For up to the minute warranty information, please contact Sage Repairs at 888-848-7243






More Info



Rod Action: Fast (but not as fast as the Sage ONE)

Best for: All water, Nymphing

Grip: Snubnose Half-Wells (w/fighting butt on larger sizes)

Ability Level: Beginner – Expert (learn more)






Recommended Lines



Most trout lines will work well with Sage Pulse fly rods, but we like:





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