Orvis Fly Reels

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The Orvis Company

 is a name recognized by many outdoor enthusiasts. Orvis is a large company that produces a diversity of outdoor gear and apparel. The Orvis Company is known for their long history and storied traditions. When anglers think about Orvis Fly Fishing, perhaps the Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod or the Orvis Recon come to mind. While Orvis does make high-performance fly rods, they also make fly reels. Orvis reels are known for industry-leading innovation, superb craftsmanship, and incredible durability. Orvis reels include the old-fashioned Battenkill series, the Orvis Mirage, and perhaps most well-known the Orvis Hydros SL. Here at Trident, we have the complete collection of Orvis reels at the lowest prices.

The Orvis Mirage is Orvis’ flagship high-end reel series. The Mirage is designed for a huge variety of fishing scenarios. The reel’s sealed carbon and stainless steel disc drag limit corrosion in saltwater environments. The Mirage also sports a large arbor design to provide increased line retrieval rates and reduced line coil. These reels are made in the U.S.A., a testament to Orvis craftsmanship, artistry, and attention to detail. The Mirage is made to battle big fish and has one of the smoothest drags on the market today. Whether you’re wrangling big Tarpon in the salt or targeting trout on a 5wt, the Mirage is the right tool for the job.

The Hydros SL is Orvis’ mid-priced rod series. The Hydros SL redefines retrieval rates, arbor size, and mid-priced performance. This reel received the “Best Buy” award in our 2018 8-Weight Fly Reel Shootout. The Hydros also has a sealed drag system, a super large arbor reel design, and insane retrieval rates. One of the things that sets this reel apart is its drag. The Hydros has a massive amount of drag – 14lbs. The reel’s super large arbor design means that it retrieves over 10” of line per turn – that’s a lot. The finish of the Hydros SL is durable and holds up to drops and dings nicely. The Hydros SL is truly one of the best mid-priced reels on the market today.

Orvis makes a click reel, too, called the Orvis Battenkill. The Battenkill is different from the Mirage and the Hydros SL in that it’s more of an old-fashioned style reel. The Battenkill sports a simple design and a four position click-and-pawl drag system. The reel is also lightweight, has a narrow spool, and has laser-engraved logos. The Battenkill comes in a simple, classic color scheme. This reel takes anglers back to click reel times of old.

The Orvis Clearwater is an entry-level reel series from Orvis. The Clearwater is designed for anglers new to fly fishing. The Clearwater is a cast aluminum large arbor fly reel that’s lightweight and functional. The Clearwater is easily converted to right-hand retrieve for convenient adjustment. The Clearwater series is made for anglers on a budget and is a great way to carry a backup reel without breaking the bank. While a cast reel is generally not as durable as a machined fly reel, the Clearwater holds its own in the world of fly reels.

Orvis continues to put their history and storied tradition to great use in the contemporary fly fishing market. All Orvis reels are the product of extensive research and development. Orvis makes some of the most durable, reliable, high-performing reels today. Shop the full collection of Orvis reels at Trident at the lowest prices and receive FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.


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