St. Croix Fly Rods

St. Croix continues to produce fly rods that are leaders in industry innovation. St. Croix rods are practical, durable, and made for the whole spectrum of fishing conditions and situations. While St. Croix continues to innovate, they haven’t lost touch with their storied history. Their contribution to the fly fishing world continues to provide quality gear at affordable prices.


St. Croix is a fishing rod company deeply rooted in history and tradition. The company was created in 1948 when Bob and Bill Johnson created the first multi-piece fishing rod. Since the bamboo days, St. Croix has evolved with the industry by creating fiberglass rods and then pushing industry innovation toward graphite. St. Croix makes a huge lineup of saltwater and freshwater rods, both fly rods and conventional tackle rods. St. Croix fly rods are state-of-the-art and some of the best in today’s fly fishing market.



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