The Peanut Bunker Boom in the Northeast

Fishing enthusiasts in the Northeast have been buzzing about the incredible peanut bunker boom, a phenomenon that has provided thrilling opportunities for anglers. In this blog post, sponsored by LLTackleWorld, we will explore the peanut bunker boom and offer tips and insights for making the most of this exciting fishing season.

Understanding the Peanut Bunker:

First things first, let’s explore the peanut bunker. These small baitfish, also known as menhaden, play a vital role in the food chain of the Northeast waters. Measuring around three to six inches in length, these tiny fish attract a wide range of game species, making them a favorite among both freshwater and saltwater anglers. LLTackleWorld offers a wide range of fishing gear aimed at enhancing your chances of a successful peanut bunker fishing experience.

Locating the Schools:

To take advantage of the peanut bunker boom, skilled anglers know that locating the schools is key. Paying attention to tides, water temperature, and current patterns will give you clues as to where the schools might be congregating. Additionally, local fishing reports and advice from experienced anglers can prove invaluable. LLTackleWorld offers local knowledge and advice to help you find the best fishing spots during this exciting time.

The Right Tackle:

Fishing for the trophy-sized game fish that eagerly target peanut bunker requires the right tackle. Equip yourself with the appropriate rods, reels, lines, and lures to maximize your chances of success. LLTackleWorld provides a wide selection of high-quality fishing gear designed specifically for targeting game fish during the peanut bunker boom.

Yo-Zuri R1369 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil Lure

The Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil Lure is made for top water “walk-the-dog” action and is easy to “walk”. It’s a floating lure designed with a weighted tail for better long-distance casting and one knock cadence rattle to attract predators from afar.

Match the Hatches:

When fishing with live bait or lures during the peanut bunker boom, it’s essential to “match the hatches.” This means using lures or bait that closely resembles the appearance and movement of peanut bunker. Soft plastics, topwater lures, swimbaits, and jigs are popular choices among anglers. LLTackleWorld stocks a variety of lures and baits designed to imitate peanut bunker to perfection.

Rebel Jumpin Minnows

Rebel Jumpin Minnows are slender minnow-shaped topwater baits that sashay back-and-forth on the surface to create a hypnotizing action like that of a fleeing baitfish. Internal weighting allows for long casts with this slender bait, making it perfect for schooling fish and anytime fish are feeding on top.

Pay Attention to Structure:

Keep an eye out for structure—such as jetties, docks, bridge pilings, or coastal rock formations—where peanut bunker might seek shelter. Predatory gamefish, such as striped bass, bluefish, or weakfish, often lurk around these structures, ready to ambush the unsuspecting baitfish. LLTackleWorld offers fishing gear suitable for precision casting and maneuvering around such structures.

Time Your Fishing:

Timing your fishing trips to coincide with the optimal feeding periods can significantly increase your chances of catching live action during the peanut bunker boom. Early mornings, late evenings, and certain tide conditions are often the peak periods when gamefish vigorously pursue peanut bunker. Consult professional anglers or visit the LLTackleWorld website for specific recommendations on prime times to hit the water.

RonZ Z-Fin Original Series Rigged Paddletails

The Ronz Z-Fin Original Series Paddletails are carefully engineered fish-catching machines. Interchangeable with multiple sizes of both RonZ original series and big game series jig heads, the Z-fin offers unrivaled versatility. Super realistic scales, lateral lines, fins, and large 3d jig eyes make this swimbait an incredibly lifelike bait. The shape of both the body and tail of the Z-Fin was calculated to provide a dynamic wiggle and shudder that fish simply can’t resist. With a length of 6″, the Z-fin is available rigged with a 2oz original series (fixed hook) jig. One rigged bait and one replacement tail per pack. Replacement bodies sold separately.

Utilize Proper Techniques:

Adopting the right fishing techniques is crucial when targeting gamefish during the peanut bunker boom. Consider using chunking, trolling, or casting and retrieving techniques to attract the attention of striped bass, bluefish, or other predators. Research and practice various techniques to find what resonates best with your fishing style. LLTackleWorld offers resources and expert advice to help you master various fishing techniques.


The peanut bunker boom is a thrilling time for fishing enthusiasts in the Northeast. Armed with the right knowledge, gear, and techniques provided through LLTackleWorld, you can make the most of this abundant baitfish phenomenon. Remember to prioritize safety, follow local fishing regulations, and enjoy the excitement and camaraderie that come with fishing during this fascinating season. Happy fishing!

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